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Breath Mate

Breath Mate Pop-Top Bottle (3 Bottle)

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Easy pop-top cap bottles each with 50 gel capsules. 3 bottle pack.

The breath freshner you swallow for effective odour control from inside out.

Recommended Dose For Adults: Swallow two capsules with water up to 3 times per day

Ingredients Include: 

  • Peppermint Oil (60mg)

  • Caraway Oil (16.7mg)

  • Parsley Oil (5.3mg)

  • Thyme Oil (5.3mg)

  • Soybean Oi

  • Gelatin

Breath Mate helps relieve bad breath associated with dyspepsia, gastroesophageal, reflux disease. Helicobacter pylori and/ or other odour-causing bacteria.

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